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About Cal Skate

As we celebrate our 37th Anniversary, Cal Skate has always, and will continue to, provide a safe, clean, and fun environment for families. Whether it’s skating, golfing, or batting, the whole family is ensured a good, fun, heart-healthy time together.


Download and Print the Spring 2015 skating schedule by clicking here: The Spring 2015 Skating Schedule


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New! ‘Skate Mate’ rentals – perfect for the beginner skater!

$5.00 per session



Cal Skate Skating Schedule

Spring 2015

Admission Packages:

Open skating times occur during our ‘sessions’ throughout the week. Follow the schedule below to find out when these sessions are scheduled. Prices for the skating session, or the ‘admission’ cost, is described in the same area. In all cases, unless noted, skate rental is extra. You can bring your own skates as long as they meet our requirements- essentially no exposed metal parts that could scratch the skating floor, or excessively dirty or dusty skates. Ask the cashier or manager to inspect your skates at the Admission Window.




No Public Skating Sessions- private parties and adult hockey leagues.


No Public Skating Sessions- private parties and adult hockey leagues



Afternoon Skating Sessions: 3:30pm – 5:30pm ($6.00 admission). Skate rental extra, if needed. 


‘CheapSkate’ Nights! - Every Tuesday night! This night consists of only family hits and fun games! Each week will be a different theme or special (examples: 80’s night, country night, school fundraiser night, Free Facebook Fan night, etc. – check out the Special Events page by clicking HERE to see this week’s special!) The session goes from 6:30-8:30pm. Standard admission is only $5.75 and includes regular skate rental. Christian Music ‘Cheapskate’ Night is on the 4th Tuesday night of each month (same price and time).



Kooky Bird’s Skate Class - 9:30am – 10:45am $5.25 admission including quad skate rental, plus parents are FREE! This great kid session includes a beginner skating class, games, and open skating time. Strollers are always welcome! Ages 8 and under only, please.


Homeschool Skating Sessions: Now EVERY Wednesday! 12:30pm – 2:30pm ($6.25 admission) Regular quad skate rental included! This is the perfect session for those not enrolled in traditional schools (or those lucky enough to have a day off) to spend a few hours having fun and socializing with other kids. Parents can utilize our free wi-fi and network with other parents! Be assured only family-rated music and games will be played during this session.


No Public Skating Sessions – private parties and adult hockey leagues



No Public Skating Sessions.


No Public Skating Sessions – private parties and adult roller hockey leagues.



Afternoon Skating Sessions: 3:30pm – 5:30pm ($6.00 admission). Skate rental extra, if needed.


Teen Fun Night (open to everyone) – Skating Sessions from 7:00-10:30pm for everyone/any age, possible dancing and skating (split floor) from 9:00-10:30pm for teens/pre-teens only, depending on interest and attendance. Sessions run from 7-9:00pm for $6.50, 7-9:30pm for $6.75, 8-10:00pm for $6.50, 8-10:30pm for $6.75. Skate rental is extra. All persons under 18 will be required to pay for admission, skating or not.



Roo’s Zoo Children’s Session – 10am-12noon – $5.75 including skate rental. Parents can skate for only $2.75 including skates! Join Roller-Roo for this specially designed session for kids 10 and under. Strollers welcome!

Afternoon Lessons

Public Group Skating Lessons! Every Saturday from 12:00-1:00pm our expert teachers and coaches will be here to give you age- and ability-specific lessons. $5.00 each week. Add-on the Roo’s Zoo Session or the 1-3:30 Afternoon Session and get a combo session and lesson for $7.50!

Afternoon Skating

Afternoon Public Skating Sessions – 1-3:30pm, 2-4:30pm, or 3-5:30pm. $6.50 each, plus skate rental. $1.00 for extra sessions/hours.


Family Night Skate! 6:30-9:00pm – Fun for the whole family – and only $15 for a family of 4! Skate rental extra, each addl. family member $2.50. Family music, family games, family FUN! Non-Family price (individual): $6.50 admission, skate rental extra.

Late Night

Adult Jam Skate Night - 9:00pm-11:30pm, $6.25 incl. quad skate rental! No one under 18 allowed – this means “better” music, no kids, more room to skate, and lots of fun!



Afternoon Public Skating Sessions – 1-3:30pm, 2-4:30pm, or 3-5:30pm. $6.50 each, plus skate rental. $1.00 for extra sessions/hours.


Closed in the evening, except for Adult Hockey C-League and/or private parties.


Click Here to View/Print Our Printable Schedule - Winter/Spring 2015 Schedule

Skate Rentals

Quad Skate rental $2.00
Inline Skate rental $3.00

‘Skate Mate’ Rentals

One Session: $5.00


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