Roller Hockey

By far, roller hockey is one of the fastest growing (and moving!) sports on the planet. Identical to its twin ice hockey in almost every way except for the skates, lack of most physical contact, and playing surface, roller hockey is a fun sport for every age. Cal Skate is proud to host Chico’s only adult roller hockey league open to men and women, of every age and ability.

Inline Roller HockeyThe Chico Adult Roller Hockey divisions include a ‘B’ and a ‘C’ league. The ‘C’ league is an exciting level we just added- it is for the true beginner hockey player looking for a low-key, fun way to learn how to play- a perfect first step for the interested adult player. The ‘B’ league includes players who have a little more experience or are good skaters and athletes looking for a different kind of skating experience. The ‘B’ league is designed for the intermediate roller hockey player, or those out to just have a good time and a good work-out with a little more pressure and competitiveness.

Both adult leagues have seasons in the fall and spring school semesters. Both start in September and end in December for the Fall league, and both start in February and end in May for the Spring. During the summer, we have a combined league of evenly matched teams, playing for the fun of it, inside air-conditioned Cal Skate.

For more information on the Chico Adult Roller Hockey leagues, please select a link below, call us at (530) 343-1601, or e-mail us by clicking here. Another option is to visit the league’s Facebook page – here you can catch all the latest information, changes, and updates. Many pick-up games are organized through our Facebook site as well. So if you want to be in the know, click on the Facebook logo below:





Chico Adult Roller Hockey Spring 2017 B- and C- League Information



Chico Adult Roller Hockey Spring 2017 B/C-League Rosters


Chico Adult Roller Hockey Spring 2017 B/C-League Schedule



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